I grew up in a fishing town off the norteastern coast of Massachusetts.  I’ve been shore fishing since I was young kid.  I’ve been around the water since birth. After moving to Hawaii in 2014, I realized what true ocean living was.

I really started to learn a great appreciation and respect of the land and water.  I got into snorkeling (started a snorkel site, too) and then started fishing.  Not long after I saw the many people (locals and transplants) take to the waters and bays on fishing kayaks and coming back with awesome fish; barracuda,yellow fin tuna, etc.  It looked likes lots and lots of fun.

So, I observed some more.

I learned from some long time fishermen about where and how to kayak fish the local waters off of Oahu and I’m still trying to get over to the Big Island to do it over there.  I hear that’s the best fishing in all of Hawaii.

It is my intent here on Kayak Fisha’ to review the best fishing kayaks and accessories that I see being used everyday by seasoned anglers in the waters off of Hawaii.  These are beautiful waters that can often be dangerous, as well.  You know that the kayaks and accessories reviewed and recommended here are top notch and safe.

Later Days and Stay Safe,