Are Inflatable Fishing Kayaks Good Enough?

For decades, inflatable kayaks have held the merits of a bath tub toy, fit to take along on a sunny afternoon, with a few cans of chilled beer in hand. However, recently inflatable kayaks have been improvised to incorporate state of the art functionalities. If an avid peddler needs an affordable fishing boat that pulls triple duty as a Class IV river running boat and serves as a long-distance river boat, competent of hauling hundreds of pounds of fishing paraphernalia, or simply float tranquilly in a breathtaking river, an inflatable kayak is the inevitable answer!

Inflatable kayaks are crafted out of myriad materials, including PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Haypalon, or nitrylon. PVC kayaks are all the rage because of their durability and durability, while being cheaper than Haypalon. Haypalon, on the other hand, maximize the life span of a kayak and is resistant to fungus and molding. Nitrylon can be hefty in weight, and is generally only used on the outer chambers of the kayak to sustain against wear and tear owing to its perforation and abrasion resistant durability.

Here are a few of the plethora of benefits imparted by using an inflatable kayak:

  • An inflatable kayak is low weight and easy to haul around due to a lack of rigid structure. Simply deflate and fold on the go!
  • Purchasing an inflatable kayak averts the maintenance and upkeep costs, common with the traditional rigid hard sided kayaks. The inflatable kayaks are also less expensive than their plastic counterparts and other recreational kayaks built of fiberglass.
  • Although inflating the kayak on the site depletes time, it is more convenient and faster than hauling a hefty rigid kayak from the car roof.
  • They allow peddlers to visit remote destinations where renting kayaks is a dilemma. Kayakers can simply carry their kayaks in the trunks of their cars.
  • Since they are not specialized vessels, they can be maneuvered by a novice.
  • Inflatable kayaks are also easier to load as compared to other variants.
  • You can easily board an inflatable kayak if you are light on your feet. They are designed to absorb shock.

Although speed is a weakness of the inflatable kayaks, since the more rigid the boat is, the more easily it can be propelled, especially in atdverse conditions, and it cannot be used to man choppy and rough waters, inflatable kayaks continue to gain popularity due to their low maintenance costs and ease of operation.

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