Before Buying Your Fishing Kayak: 5 Tips for Prospective Kayak Anglers

Kayak fishing is the way to go if you’re into fishing and the water.  I prefer ocean kayaking, myself, but I know lots of people who love to lake and stream fish from their kayaks, as well. It’s a sport that is healthy for you and can keep you fit.  It’s exciting.  It’s a challenge.  It speaks to the primal nature of mankind; get out in the wild and hunt/gather food.  Of course, there’s nothing wrong with catch & release, either.

There may not be that much information online about beginner kayak fishing tips yet and that’s why we started this site; to ensure you get a good, quality yak for an affordable price.

 5 Tips for Beginner Kayak Fishing (Before Buying Your Kayak)

  1. Do Your Research before Yak’ing it Up!

Most of the people who are really knowledgeable about kayak fishing have been doing it for about 5 to 10 years.  They may not call themselves experts but they certainly have a plethora of knowledge.  Check out and for some great insight from knowledgeable people on the subject.

In addition, wherever you buy tackle for your new fishing kayak may have people with good knowledge on selection and fishing spots. Just don’t expect everyone to give away their best fishing secrets…

  1. Pick Your Spots Wisely

You can kayak in a lot of different fishing spots.  You’re main considerations will be your ability and preference for paddling distance, time available,etc.  While kayaking is a great exercise, you need to be sure that you’re physically able to fish and paddle out to your desired location.  Again, ask a local fisher where the best spots are and you’re sure to get some good spots…if not hints.  Do some research and plan accordingly beforehand, then you’ll catch more fish!

  1. Know what Your Fishing for

Where and when you fish has a lot of impact and bearing on what you’re fishing for…err….or maybe it’s the other way around.  Regardless, consider depth, moon, weather, seasons, etc.  Here in Hawaii we often kayak and cast line in calms bays but just a hundred meters or so difference in location can have a huge impact on whether we’re catching edible reef fish or dolphin fish.  It’s a large difference…no pun intended.

  1. Questions to Ask Prior to Buying a Fishing Kayak

Where are you fishing and what environment?  Bay?  Stream?  Ocean surf launch? Etc.  What are you fishing for?  Biggun’ or little pan friers?  Fly fishing has to be considered a variable.  You need a kayak that has stability and is able to accommodate what you’re bringing with you…for instance, a second person.  Are you looking for a sit in or sit on top kayak….(pssst…sit on top). Tandem fishing kayaks increase the price quite a bit and you need to make sure you know who is fishing with you because there are weight and capacity limits on kayaks.  Other than that:  Is it rigged for fishing (is it truly a fishing kayak?), comfort, wells, compartments, bungee rigging, and all of the different fishing and kayak accessories that you’ll need to customize and/or “pimp” your yak out!

  1. Getting Your Kayak from here…to there…or wherever

Yes, there are kayak trailers, whether for the back of a vehicle or the hand and leg powered kind that you can use to roll your yak from arrival to launch.  You usually don’t need to hitch and go with a kayak, though.  Most yaks come with big, comfortable carrying handles that are great for a one or two person carry/move.  Besides that, most people conveniently load their kayak onto a van or pickup truck and just go.  Personally, I haul mine around on the top of my Xterra and it’s fine.  Be aware, though, if you’re like me then you need to cognizant of when the yak is and isn’t on your vehicle.  There are some areas of low access…particularly…my garage.  (That was a bad day)


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