Easy Fish Finding: Deeper Smart Fishfinder Review

To me, the best fish finder on the market is the Deeper Smart Fishfinder.  I know that I need to back that up within this article but just know that we don’t use a whole lot of fishing finders in Hawaii.  There’s just fish.  If you have some basic knowledge about dropping a hook from a pole then you’re going to catch fish here.  It’s nice, I know.  Sure.  I’m kind of bragging.In order to give you this review, I needed to go to people who know easy fish finding equipment inside and out.  I needed to dig deep, ask the tough questions, and get these super-personal and secretive kayak fishers talking.  The following is a generalization of what they told me.

deep smart fishfinderDeeper Smart Fishfinder Review from the Experts:


It’s the shape of a fishing bobber and can actually be cast from the pole just like one.  It also can be dropped.  It uses sonar and measurements are 2.6 inches in diameter and weighs a mere 3 ½ ounces.  How’s that for convenience?  Easy fish finding has never been, well, easier.


The free app is readily available for download on the Apple app store and Google Play for Android devices.  The tech gives you weather reports, water temp readouts, fishing logs, icons for fish, calendar with fishing/fish activity, and a REALLY cool satellite base map overlay instead of a marine map.  You can mark your hot spots on the satellite map so that you can always track and get back to where you’re catching the most fish from your kayak.



Fully charged, the Deeper Smart Fishfinder will give you up to 6 hours of run time powered by a 3.7 volt battery that is fully rechargeable.  The connection between the Deeper and your phone/tablet is done via Bluetooth.  Dual beam:290kHz(15Degree),90kHz(55Degree). Depth up to 130ft. battery up to 4 hours

Pros:smart fishfinder gadget

Completely transportable and small enough to store or pace anywhere.  Lightweight.

Accurate and powerful. The unique, bobber-like design that can actually be cast puts this fishfinder above the rest.

Works with typical smart technology and available for Apple or Android devices.


For the capability and size the price is very affordable.

Smartphones aren’t as waterproof as the Deeper Fishfinder.  If you’re using it then make sure that your phone/tablet is very waterproofed or very secure.

Battery swapping needs to be done by  “certified technician”….this will be familiar to Apple iPhone users.  You can’t use switch out the battery by yourself.  NOTE:  The batter is rechargeable but the lithium runs out eventually and with the Deeper you can’t just buy another one and replace it yourself.

Final Analysis:

A solid choice for most kayak fishers.  The Deeper Smart Fishfinder is a one stop device that will have you in need of zero additional information.  The device is accurate and the readout on the app is easily understood.  Despite the cons above, this is a fishfinder that most kayak fishing lovers could find really useful.


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