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In 2011, Lifetime acquired Emotion Kayaks, an acquisition which fueled Lifetime’s growth into one of the largest kayak manufacturers in the U.S. As a valuable addition to the Lifetime family of products, Emotion Kayaks is part of a dynamic and growing product line.

Emotion Kayaks come with strong brand recognition for all their products, including a variety of kayak equipment and accessories. In fact, in 2010 they were awarded “Gear of the Year” by Outside Magazine.

A Pennsylvania-based company, Emotion Kayaks strives to keep their business simple and efficient, much like their products. Each kayak is built to last, providing years of use for vacations, day trips, or fishing expeditions.

While there are two different types of kayaks that Lifetime produces, Emotion Kayaks largely contributes sit-inside kayaks. These models feature a hollowed out sitting area, with the seat and footrests down below. Sit-inside kayaks follow a traditional design, and they are best used by paddlers with a broad range of skills, including balance and different paddling environments. Traditional sit-inside kayaks continue to be popular for their quick speed, efficiency, and protection against the elements.

Adding Emotion Kayaks to the Lifetime product line means providing greater diversity for kayak enthusiasts, providing access to two top-quality kayak brands underneath the same roof.

Kayak Stability

There are two separate types of stability for kayaks: primary and secondary. Before discussing Emotion Kayaks in greater detail, understanding how kayak stability works is important.

Primary stability refers to the degree of resistance to any sort of movement or roll. Sit-on-kayaks all have high levels of primary stability. For beginners, this type of stability is crucial. Any rocking or tipping motion can quickly become a nerve-wracking experience, and learning how to balance without primary stability takes time and practice.

As a result, the best kayaks for beginners are models that focus on primary stability. Lifetime kayaks all feature high levels of primary stability, with flat bottoms and specially designed hulls to make balancing easy.

Secondary stability, however, refers to an increase in resistance as the kayak is in the process of turning or rolling. Sit-in kayaks all tend to focus on this type of stability, as movement is encouraged and facilitated by the kayak design.

Thus, traditional kayaks are best suited for more advanced paddlers who can tip and turn the kayak without panicking or rolling over. Most Emotion Kayaks are traditional models, focusing on this secondary stability to help navigate through twists and turns.

The Top-Rated Emotion Kayaks

Although Emotion Kayaks certainly speak for themselves in terms of value, it can be difficult to determine which kayak is the best choice for you. This review will take a close look at the top-rated models from Emotion Kayaks that consistently gain high praise for their performance.

While each kayak comes with high levels of quality, no kayak is the same. As each kayak is made to cater to different levels of performance, skill level, and function, each consumer should have a clear idea of what they need from a kayak, and what type of environment they will be using it in.

To provide expert guidance when searching for the best kayaks, our review has highlighted the top five Emotion kayaks. Each component of these kayaks is closely analyzed to pinpoint qualities that set these kayaks apart from the competition.

Emotion Glide Sport Kayaks


Key Features:

  • ST performance hull
  • Comfort Rest System seat
  • Heavy-duty adjustable foot braces
  • High-density polyethylene construction

For paddlers who need high levels of comfort, stability, and performance, the Glide Sport Kayak from Emotion Kayaks is a perfect fit. The CRS seat is padded with foam for comfort and includes a drink holder for convenience. Additionally, it also folds down, making storage much easier.

A key feature of the Emotion Glide Sport model is its streamlined construction. The ST performance hull increases stability, speed, and maneuverability, allowing the kayak to be taken into nearly every water condition and environment. Whether paddling across a lake or through a choppy river, the streamlined construction allows for smooth and reliable movement through the water.

With a total weight of 40 pounds, transportation is a breeze. This lightweight kayak can easily be loaded in and out of a vehicle, increasing the frequency of kayaking trips. For a reliable, high-performance kayak, look no further than the Glide Sport kayak from Emotion Kayaks.

Emotion Stealth Kayaks


Key Features:

  • 3-rod holders for easy fishing
  • Comfortable, sturdy foot braces
  • Stable and smooth hull design
  • 2 storage compartments

Customer reviews applaud the Emotion Stealth kayak for its exceptional performance out on the water, and it isn’t difficult to see why. The ST performance hull provides excellent tracking, allowing the kayak to cut smoothly and efficiently through the water. Additionally, the Comfort Rest Seat makes longer trips much more enjoyable, providing added comfort.

What truly sets this kayak apart is that it features a keen focus on enhancing fishing trips. There is a total of three different rod holders, including two flush mounts and one deck mount. Anglers will also appreciate the extra storage space that this kayak offers. A large rear tank well provides easy storage for fishing gear, while a solace hatch provides additional storage beneath the deck.

At 50 pounds, this model is a little heavier than other kayaks. Still, to keep transportation as simple as possible, it features multiple handles. These handles are located on the bow, stern, and sides.

Emotion Spitfire Sit-On-Top Kayak


Key Features:

  • ST performance hull
  • Rear tank well with mesh cover
  • 240-lb. weight capacity
  • Ultra-durable polyethylene construction

This sit-on-top kayak is incredibly user-friendly, featuring primary stability to protect against tipping or rolling. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned professional, the Emotion Spitfire kayak offers superior levels of performance, stability, and durability.

The polyethylene construction is not only incredibly durable, but it is also resistant to damage from UV rays, keeping the kayak looking just as new even after years of use. Kayakers will be happy to find that the polyethylene plastic also resists impact damage from hazards like stones, logs, or sticks.

At just over 41 pounds, the Emotion Spitfire manages to maintain lightweight qualities. This makes it much easier to store and transport the kayak. As an added benefit, there are carrying handles located on the front, rear, and side, offering plenty of options for transportation.

Emotion Stealth Angler Sit-On-Top Kayak


Key Features:

  • Padded backrest for comfort
  • Self-bailing scupper holes for drainage
  • Molded side-carry handles
  • Three fishing rod holders

For serious anglers, the Emotion Stealth Angler kayak is worth a second look. As a sit-on-top kayak, it offers enhanced stability and protection against tipping or rocking, making it much easier to reel in fighting fish. As an updated version, the Emotion Stealth Angler measures at a total of 11 feet, increasing speed and tracking without compromising stability.

Not only does this kayak feature three separate rod holders, but it also comes with extra storage. The contoured tank well is large enough for a bait bucket or a tackle box to easily fit inside. Additionally, it also comes with a net cover to ensure that cargo stays in place.

Built-in features like molded foot rests, four luggage handles, and self-bailing scupper holes make each fishing trip into a comfortable and efficient process.

Emotion Spitfire Tandem Sit-On-Top Kayak


Key Features:

  • Two padded CRS seats
  • Rear tank well with mesh lacing
  • Additional storage below deck
  • Secure and comfortable footrests

This sit-on-top kayak is ideally formatted for two people to experience long, leisurely paddling. Both CRS seats are fully equipped for comfort, with foam padding and backing. Multiple footrests allow for variations in height and preference, providing for comfortable and secure bracing.

The Emotion Spitfire Tandem kayak comes with two separate storage containers to provide optimum convenience. The rear tank well comes with net lacing to ensure that cargo stays put, and a storage hatch allows for internal storage below deck.

Although the kayak is certainly longer than single passenger models, it comes with the same speed and tracking capabilities of smaller kayaks. At 90 pounds, this tandem kayak is significantly heavier, but it does come with added features to make storage and transportation easy. A combination of four carrying handles and a bottom wheel make carrying this kayak in and out of the water into a simple team effort.


With performance and durability as core components, Emotion kayaks are perfectly suited for any water environment.  Enhanced features like comfortable seating, streamlined design, and additional storage all combine to make each paddling trip into an enjoyable and efficient experience.

When considering purchasing a kayak, looking at top-rated kayaks can be a great help. As a brand, Emotion Kayaks is widely recognized for creating top quality products. Each of these top-rated products has received high levels of praise for their durability, efficiency, and performance out on the water.

Whether you choose a sit-on-top or sit-inside kayak, you can rest assured that Emotion Kayaks provides a solid dedication to quality and performance in watersports.

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