Best Fishing Kayak Accessories

If kayak fishing is your game, you need to collect an assortment of fishing paraphernalia to outfit your kayak and optimize your kayaking experience. Whether you are a seasoned veteran on the lookout for the hottest gear, a carbon paddle or a first timer seeking comprehensive guidelines, here are a few accessories that are a must have for any angler:

1)    Paddleskayak fishing accessories

Since you have to propel your kayak, often even in a motor running counterpart, purchasing top notch paddles is indispensable. Your choice of paddles can have a vast impact on your kayaking experience and energy levels on the water. The length of kayak paddles range from 210cm to 260cm, and the size you opt for depends on the width of your boat, your height, and paddling style. Always go for a light weight paddle, as you would appreciate the lack of burden over a thousand strokes. Fiberglass or carbon fiber paddles are low weight and durable, which makes them great for recreational use.

2)    Vests

Play safe on the waters by investing in a top-notch life vest. Your life vest is the only standing sentinel from the dangers of water and should be fitted snugly. Choose a vest that fits you right, otherwise an ill cumbered vest can actually thwart your ability to swim, in case the kayak capsizes. Kayaking specific life jackets feature large armholes and keep the bulk of the floatation away from the shoulders and upper chest to allow you the fullest range of arm and upper body motion while paddling. Some also boast aesthetic features such as zipper pockets for hauling such personal belongings as glasses, sunscreen, and snacks, and pouches for hydration bladders that can be affixed on the back of the jacket. Try to wear a dry suit under the vest so that you remain dry even after a session of wading, to prevent the risk of hypothermia.

3)    Tackle Boxes

Housing myriad compartments, a tackle box not only stores your fishing tackles, but organizes it efficiently for instant retrieval. Always aspire to keep extra fishing line in your tackle box, lest one breaks in the middle of the excursion. Additionally, Lures or flies, Bobbers (or, floaters) Swivels to keep fishing line from twisting, Leaders, Sinkers (or, weights), assorted sized hooks, Needles and nose pliers, a Stringer to hold all the fish you catch, first aid kit, sunscreen, and a small flashlight can be stored inside a tackle box. You’d surely appreciate an uncluttered deck and leg room! Find great kayak tackle accessories at Amazon.

4)    Dry Bags

If your kayak doesn’t have a dry storage compartment, invest in a heavy duty, urethane coated dry bags to keep your personal belonging getting sloshed by water sprays. These waterproof bags come in an assortment of sizes, and have a clear polyurethane window that aids in locating items inside.

5)    Rod Holders

Keeping your rods in place is a must, as the boat can flip over or the rod can snag on a tree and the last thing you want is to lose your rod and reel combo. Flush mounted rod holders are popular these days.

6)    Paddle Leash

When you are reeling in the big catch, securing the paddles is the last thing on your mind. To gain some peace of mind, and save some expensive gear from drifting to the deep depths, invest in a paddle leash to hold your paddles in place.

Reference:  invest in a paddle leash



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