Pelican Strike100X Angler Kayak – Product Review

The mesmerizing Pelican strike 100 Angler Kayak has all that an avid kayaker could wish for without going overboard! Delivering impeccable maneuverability and tractability, the kayak provides a transcendental fishing, paddling and tanning experience, and is dubbed as the stealthy fish slayer. Sleek design with chic lines define this agile sit-on-top kayaks, incorporating state-of-the art features, bigger and bolder graphics, unparalleled speed, extensive capacity, and ample storage space. The aesthetics of this sit on top kayak is complex enough not to miss crucial features such as paddle tie-downs and rod holders, and simple enough not to run in to rigging troubles and cramped space.

What is a Pelican Strike100X Angler Kayak?

Product Features:

  • Accessory eyelets
  • Paddle tie-down
  • 2 flush mount rod holders
  • Quick lock hatch
  • Drain plug
  • Front, rear and side carrying handles
  • Ergoband Seating System™
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Stern storage platform with bungee cords
  • Swivel rod holder
  • Lay-down bottle holder
  • 8’’ day hatch with storage bag
  • Textured area


Product Specifications:

  • Length: 10”
  • Beam: 30.5”
  • Cockpit: Open
  • Weight: 53 lb
  • Maximum capacity: 325 lbs
  • Hull Material: Ram X Premium


pelican strikePelican international has completely renovated the hull of this kayak, which keeps the kayak tracking. For anglers looking to reel in big catch, the kayak glides effortlessly over flat water lakes and slow meandering rivers and offers great stability. Make sure your seat and foot peg are adjusted securely before setting off, and you are good to go!


Contrary to its 10” long body, the kayak offers commendable storage space. The rear section is an excellent compartment for storing fishing paraphernalia, such as tackle, cooler, bait, and heavy duty bungees keep everything in place, lest the waters gets on board. The 8” storage hatch behind the seat keeps all your essentials stashed away and dry!

Fabricated with the premium Ram X material, the durability of the pelican exceeds its counterparts. The Pelican also boast a life time warranty on its hull, a testament to the top-notch quality.


The Kayak doesn’t have enough legroom, especially for a tall kayaker. The kayak fishing boat would fill up with water and soak your legs.

The stability of the kayak could be improved to man rougher waters.

Our Final Review

The Pelican sit on top does hold its own when compared to other fishing kayaks equally priced! Offering unprecedented maneuverability and tractability, the pelican would be a great addition for seasoned kayakers and newbie alike!



Pelican Strike 100x Review

Pelican Strike 100x Review


8.5 /10


7.0 /10


7.0 /10


  • Light weight
  • Good, Basic yak


  • Low weight capacity
  • Few fishing features

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