Shoreline Marine Ultimate Kayak Bag Review

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This is one of the most versatile fishing kayak accessories that we’ve come across.  Truth be told, if you’re just starting out with the hobby, and you don’t even have a fishing kayak per se, then this little accessory may be all that you need to get started. It does that much good.

Kayak bags will make your time on the water more organized and less frustrating.  There’s nothing better than having all of you ducks in a row when you’re out on your kayak, particularly if you’re with someone that you’re bonding with; a friend, significant other, son, daughter, parent.  Not only does it make the whole fishing adventure go smoother but it’s also safer.


The Shoreline Marine Ultimate Kayak Bag is one of those items that we couldn’t live without and we’re pretty sure it will make your kayak fishing a lot easier as well.

Shoreline Marine ultimate features:bag on boat

Durability and Carry:  Made from water resistant, 1200 Denier coated canvas. The Shoreline Marine comes with an easy shoulder carry strap that helps bear the load and your hands free.

Ample Storage:  Whether you’re bringing a hydroflask full of ice coffee or water and/or a six pack of beer and some leftovers to keep that hunger and thirst in check, then this kayak bag will get the job done.  The cooler is lined and insulated to keep items warm, cool and fresh.   It’s the size of a milk crate and we know that many people rig their fishing kayaks with those already.


Versatility:  It has two fishing rod holders, accessory pouches with elastic retainers.  The entire bag is easily secured to your kayak by the built in tie down loops.

Uses and Rigging By Other Yak Fishers:

Many people put a milk crate right inside Shoreline Marine Kayak bag for sturdiness and consider this the best kayak bag they’ve ever used.  You can get a 13″ x 13″ crate at a place like Home Depot and do this yourself.

behind shot of bag

Final Analysis for the Shoreline Marine Ultimate Kayak Bag:

Many people prefer to rig their own fishing and kayak accessories out on the water and that’s fine.  What you’ll find though, with the Shoreline Marine Ultimate Kayak Bag, is that this is one of the best places to start adding when you’re rigging a yak to hold more and be more convenient out on the water.  A must have.


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