Tips on Casting from a Fishing Kayak

As time goes on and our fishing experience from our kayak increases, then we all naturally start to get that feel for when and where to cast.  Where the fish are, right?  Here’s a hint:  The further that you drop bait or lure from the fish then the more difficult it’s going to be for us to catch the fish.

If you cast and land too far away then the chances of you actually catching fish is dramatically diminished.  If you “over cast” and try to do too much then you’re going to get caught on tree limbs, logs, structures and growth.  Obviously, we’re here to catch fish.

You already know your locations.  You know the fish that you’re targeting. You have the right bait and other accessories.  Why not put as much effort and time into learning to place you cast exactly where you want it as you do with researching locations and what’s striking?  It’s just as important. Without the right cast and with all that other stuff you’re not catching fish unless you get lucky…(even more so than usual “fishing luck”)

Casting should be viewed just NFL fans and players observe the “touch pass”; that smooth, arcing pass that goes over the defense, leads the receiver perfectly, and drops square in the chest/hands area for an easy catch.  It’s a skill that is one third taught, one third practiced/learned, and one third natural talent.

Even if you don’t have the natural talent, you can still get 67% of the way to “expert” at casting with your study and practice.

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How should you practice?  Just like the kid in his backyard practices accuracy in throwing a baseball or football by throwing it through an area no larger than a tire.  You should always aim to land within 12 to 14 inches of your target. The closer the better.  Believe me, it’s a fun thing to practice as you find yourself getting closer and closer to your target and, if you’re doing the rest of the stuff correctly, catching more fish.

Fun and Challenging Cast Games to Hone Your Talent:

Try to “touch” your casts under logs and low hanging limbs.

Try to “touch” your casts over obstructions.  To avoid getting snagged when bringing it in, simply drift or paddle to the clear side.

If you need some help in finding the fish then check out our last review on the Deeper Smart Fishfinder.

Remember:  You’re a casting machine.  You can’t be beat. You won’t be beat.  Go Get that Cast On!

Fishing Kayak Cast that Lands a 30lb Gigantor!

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