Why Fishing at Dawn is Still the Best Time (4 Reasons)


Personally, I like nothing more than getting up on a day off while everyone is still asleep, grabbing some coffee, and heading out to bay for a yak fishing session.  It’s my favorite thing to do, actually.  As I get older and my time becomes more important (because the older we get the less time we have left) then the more I want to spend that time doing exactly what I want; spending it with loved ones, on the computer or in my kayak.  It’s just who I’ve become.

I’m actually shocked these days when I hear people admonish early morning fishing trips…whether in a kayak or from the shore.  I can’t understand how people would rather roll out of bed at 10 and then hit a pool or a flea market.  Don’t get me wrong, different strokes for different folks but kayak fishing at dawn is still, and will forever be, one of my “me” things.

Here’s 4 Reasons Why Kayak Fishing at Dawn is Awesome

More Fish, Better Fish

Fish love to feed in the morning.  That isn’t a news flash.  However, how many times have you seen angler friends wake up late, go fishing, and then be all pissed off when the day’s catch wasn’t all that great? Even with a fish finder.  No shit, Sherlock!  Fish feed then laze…just like most of us do.  Sure, they get hungry and feed mid-day but the feeding isn’t anything compared to the “I gotta’ today” sense of urgency that they feel at first light.

Love the Calm

Just like snorkeling and other sports that take place on the water, fishing is a large stress relief.  As a matter of fact, there are so many on-the-water activities that are attached to being therapeutic and helping to relieve stress that it’s worth taking a look at maybe picking up another hobby or two on the water.  There’s actually a reason why people go to tropical, island get aways for vacation not the dessert.  A few words come to mind when I think of early morning fishing trips:  freedom, calm, zen, relaxation, and meditating.

Make it Your Morning Workout

Many of you young bucks and buckettes may be able to out paddle my old butt any day of the week.  And that’s fine.  For someone like me who is getting older and fixing to retire from the service after 21 years, I need to do everything I can to stay in shape.  Chances are that I’m not going to want to go for a 2 mile run or 4 mile walk at the end of the day (or at any point!).  Kayaking and paddling provide that workout you need.  It builds/maintains muscular strength and endurance as well as whipping the old heart and lungs in to overdrive.

Providing Lunch and Dinner?

By kayak fishing at dawn you can hope to have a fresh caught lunch or dinner any time you go out.  Have a good enough day and target your fish correctly then you might be able to get two meals out of one trip.  It is in mankind’s genetic makeup to celebrate and savor the act of preying upon and catching their own nourishment.  With today’s make-up of a grocery or fast food join on every corner we hardly satisfy those primal feelings.  And, “no”, a McFish® is not a meal.

Face it, there’s really no excuse for not getting up out of the sack early on a day off and enjoying a nice session in your kayak and on the bay.  Catching fish is great, doing it as the sun rises is awesome!

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